Studio Awesome-Western

1838 N. Western Ave. Hollywood, CA. 90027

Our parking lot is on the corner of Russell and Western, shared with a Baskin-Robinns.

Studio Awesome Argyle

1608 Argyle Ave. Hollywood, CA. 90028

Validated parking is located behind our building with an entrance on Selma Avenue.

Our Story

The cart got put in front of the horse right away. Mike’s 5-year-old son came up with the name “Studio Awesome” when the first studio was under construction in 2017. Josiah and Mike loved it, and have been chasing those expectations ever since.

What makes Studio Awesome, “Awesome?” It’s the personalities of the staff (hang with David or Steve for a bit, and you’ll appreciate how warm and chill they are). It’s that they like to laugh—when you come into their space as an actor or client, you’re greeted by people that are happy to have you and want to make your day better.

It’s the technical and artistic. Difficult sessions are run professionally and prepped properly. Mixes are perfect. Voice direction spot on. The Studio Awesome team believes that having fun at work creates great work. And their track record proves it.

For information or to book time, e-mail Josiah today.

Our Staff

Josiah Kosier

Studio Manager | Partner

Josiah moved to LA in 2008 from Watertown, South Dakota after graduating from McNally Smith College of Music. Fun fact, he got his scholarship from Ice Cube. Within two weeks of arriving, he was an engineer at Patches Sound. A year later he was Studio Manager, and now, co-owner of Studio Awesome and
Josiah is a double threat. While his main duty is managing the two studios, he is equally adept behind the board.

Mike Gullickson

Business Development | Partner

Mike was sent out from Chicago in 2001 to start Patches Sound. A sales/marketing specialist, his former employer took nine months to train him as an audio engineer before shipping him to Hollywood. Under his sales effort, Patches Sound grew to be the number one voice over studio in Hollywood. For some years he helped run the mothership in Chicago before leaving to start Studio Awesome (his son, Jake, named the studio)., the number one voice casting platform in the country, came afterward.

Mike’s primary job is outreach and developing services that help clients create great work.

Steve Pierson

Senior Engineer

The former owner of Outlaw Sound, Steve, Josiah and Mike connected at an incredibly opportune time: Steve, a recent empty nester, wanted to have a bit more freedom with his schedule. Mike and Josiah wanted to expand their studio to include a client friendly facility for mix, sound design, and ADR. A partnership was formed.

Steve has been in the business for over twenty years. Fifteen of those have been as the senior engineer at Outlaw, the last seven as its owner.

Steve is skilled in all areas of audio whether it’s mixing, sound design, or ADR. An exceptional musician, those skills have also been called upon to create custom music.

David Urzua


David has been with Studio Awesome for five years. He was the first interview we had when we opened, and we liked him so much, he was our last. Bilingual, he works on both English and Spanish projects with an attention to detail that is second-to-none. His specialties are voice tracking, editing, audiobooks, and ADR.

Miguel Romero


Now two years in, Miguel’s employment came by accident. A voice actor who booked at Studio Awesome often, one day he overheard Josiah and Mike discuss the need to expand. Miguel mentioned that he’s also an engineer. It turns out, a good one. Before moving out to LA, he worked for years at a major studio in Houston. Miguel can work on English and Spanish projects with ease, and is a great addition to the Studio Awesome team.

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