Studio Awesome-Western

1838 N. Western Ave. Hollywood, CA. 90027

Our parking lot is on the corner of Russell and Western, shared with a Baskin-Robinns.

Studio Awesome Argyle

1608 Argyle Ave. Hollywood, CA. 90028

Validated parking is located behind our building with an entrance on Selma Avenue.

Our Story

The cart got put in front of the horse right away. Mike’s 5-year-old son came up with the name “Studio Awesome” when the first studio was under construction in 2017. Josiah and Mike loved it, and have been chasing those expectations ever since.

What makes Studio Awesome, “Awesome?” It’s the personalities of the staff (hang with David or Josh for a bit and you’ll appreciate how warm and chill they are). It’s that they like to laugh—when you come into their space as an actor or client, you’re greeted by people that are happy to have you and want to make your day better.

It’s the technical and artistic. Difficult sessions are run professionally and prepped properly. Mixes are perfect. Voice direction spot on. The Studio Awesome team believes that having fun at work creates great work. And their track record proves it.

For information or to book time, e-mail Josiah today.

The Team

Mike Gullickson

Owner, Studio Awesome | SelectVO

Focus: Operations, Business Development

Mike was sent out to LA in 2001 from Chicago to start Patches Sound for his former employer. He and Josiah opened the first Studio Awesome in 2017. Fun fact: Mike’s son named it. They launched in 2019 after an outcry from ad clients unhappy with the direction on-line casting was taking, and opened the second Studio Awesome for LA-based clients in 2022. Mike primarily focuses on and overall business development. But he also does a ton of accounting, which isn’t where he thought his life would go.

Josiah Kosier

Owner, Studio Awesome | SelectVO

Focus: Scheduling, studio operations, ADR, Animation, VO record

Josiah moved to Hollywood from Watertown, South Dakota and as luck would have it, got his first engineering position at Patches Sound, where he and Mike hit it off immediately. Together they opened the two Studio Awesome locations and launched Josiah handles studio scheduling, overall studio operations, and engineers as needed.

David Urzua

Senior Engineer

Focus: Bilingual VO record, ADR, Animation, Music, Mix

David was Studio Awesome’s first hire and encapsulates all the best things about our ethos and why clients love working with us:  he’s super fun, always prepared, and can handle any project thrown at him. He’s also an insanely talent music producer: Check out Cullen Bonham

Josh Reinhardt

Senior Engineer | Sound Designer

Focus: Sound Design, Mix, ADR, Animation, VO record

Josh is an incredibly accomplished sound designer and mixer (seriously, check out his IMDB). Emmy-nominated for sound design, there are other engineers that may have as good of an ear and artistic ability, but no one’s better. He knocks mixes out of the park and is great at ADR. If you connect via Zoom or walk into the control room and he’s in the chair, you’re in excellent hands.

Jake Valentine

Senior Engineer

Focus: ADR, Animation, VO Record, Mix

Another Patches Sound alumni, Jake is a bit of a masochist and likes to work on “difficult” sessions. A trend with our engineers, he’s always prepared, incredibly technical and exudes a calm even when the talent’s late, there are twenty more cues of dialogue, and the client is running into their pad.

Miguel Romero

Engineer | Casting Director

Focus: Bilingual VO recording, Casting, ADR, Animation, Mix

Miguel is an accomplished voice talent who came into Studio Awesome for over a year before casually mentioning that he used to mix at a well-known post house in San Antonio. A great voice director, recordist, and mixer, many of our clients rely on his ear when casting Spanish-speaking talent to ensure the accent meets the talent specifications. 

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