Studio Awesome-Western

1838 N. Western Ave. Hollywood, CA. 90027

Our parking lot is on the corner of Russell and Western, shared with a Baskin-Robinns.

Studio Awesome Argyle

1608 Argyle Ave. Hollywood, CA. 90028

Validated parking is located behind our building with an entrance on Selma Avenue.







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Studio Awesome-Western

Studio Awesome-Argyle


Studio Awesome is SAG and LA County Health Department Approved!

Studio Awesome has instituted protocols with strict adherence to CDC, SAG, and LA County Health Department guidelines.
These protocols are centered on social distancing, disinfecting, and reducing all points of potential transmission.

  • Studio Awesome is a freestanding building. There is no elevator or shared space with other businesses.
  • Masks are mandatory for both the actors and staff. The actor can remove their mask when they’re in the voiceover booth.
  • There are no group reads and no waiting in the lobby. If actors are working in sequence, we will text them when the lobby and voiceover booth are disinfected and available.
  • Disposable masks, disinfecting wipes, and hand sanitizer are located throughout our lobby, bathroom, and in all voiceover booths.
  • We disinfect all touch points before an actor arrives and after they leave, including copy stand pencils, highlighters, and the pop screen.
  • We are never in direct contact with the actor. After disinfecting our hands and while wearing a mask, we set up the microphone — and print out the scripts — in advance of the actor’s arrival. We will provide contracts, but it’s up to the actor or their agent to return them to the client.
  • Two of our four open rooms have their own entrance. A 6’5” partition provides actors isolated access to the other two rooms.
  • Actors can use our disinfected headphones, their headphones, or go headphone-less.
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